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We individually assess each
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Fosatrade is a consulting and solutions integration company using a holistic and systems approach to problem solving.

The company has developed since inception into a professional construction team providing construction services to a diverse and top tier client base located across the Nation. Fosatrade Integrated Limited philosophy remains focused on delivering a safe, quality project in the most productive and efficient manner possible.

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Core Values

Our Vision

Fosatrade Integrated Limited vision remains focused on being among the first 10 go-to companies for tech & construction services across the nation.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is always to exceed our clients expectations at all times in all projects while delivering perfection with a cost-effective plan.

Our Strengths

At Fosatrade Integrated we have many strengths that makes us stand out atop our competitors, but here are our main core values thats makes us unique.


Striving to always exceed our own expectations.


Our word is our bond & we keep them always.

Expert Team

A team of creatives, innovators & thinkers.


Construction is all we do, live and breathe.

We provide innovative constructive solutions for sustainable progress.

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Fosatrade Integrated Limited is a privately held construction company that specializes in Pre-fab houses, portacabin, fabrication of steel structure and Architectures.The services we provide to our clients ranges from designing, 3D modelling, fabrication and branding

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