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We design and assemble steel structures. This involves the assembling of I-beams and columns to form framed structures like trusses, staircases, decking and ladders. Pre-engineered metal building systems are advantageous because they allow for the creation of large and column-free enclosures.

Our Pre-engineered structures include creation of industrial facilities, warehouses, and commercial facilities.

  • Superstructure Lifespan of 30years
  • Light Steel
  • Easy to use for roof trusses and wall
  • Easy Fabrication & Installation
  • High strength and stiffness
  • Substantial elimination of delay due to weather

Our Pre-engineered structures can be used in schools, office complexes, entertainment centres, government facilities, churches and any building of your choice.

We have a team of experienced designers and assemblers who are well versed in the area of of steel fabrication processes, techniques, technologies and standards of compliance.

Our Pre-engineered structure is something you do not need to worry about after construction because it is carefully designed, assembled and framed by experts using the latest technology and facilities.

We provide innovative construction solutions for sustainable progress.

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Fosatrade Integrated Limited is a privately held construction company that specializes in Pre-fab houses, portacabin, fabrication of steel structure and Architectures.The services we provide to our clients ranges from designing, 3D modelling, fabrication and branding.

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