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Kiosks are very effective constructions that can be used for various things, from a mini shop to an ATM house, this innovative engineered buildings provide fast and easy quarters for 21st century developments, At Fosatrade Integrated we provide quality and safe kiosks to individuals , companies & government parastatals.

We have proven our unique construction abilities through our many years of existence both in Nigeria and the International Market alike, our kiosks are being used by notable companies thereby proving that we stand for quality.

  • Superstructure Lifespan of 50years
  • Standardized Details
  • Assemble on site
  • Transportable
  • Connectable to Large spaces

Gates & Fence Grills: Steel Fabrications are used in constructing steel gates, fences, and also fence grills.

Staircase Handrails: Our expertise also covers the design, fabrication and installation of steel staircase handrails, balustrades.

Window Burglaries: We also construct window buglaries for cement Modular Housing, security buildings etc.

Canopies: Our canopies come in various designs which could be mild steel or stainless steel.

Gates & Fence Grills: This comprises of every kind of steel material, available to man depending on the clients request.

Staircase Handrails: We employ the use of all types of steel materials like mild steel, stainless steel and any other steel materials per clients request.

Window Burglaries: We employ the use of strong steel materials due to the reason for the construction,basically for security.

Canopies: Depending on the design/idea of the client we employ the use of steel materials and also danpallon.

Every construction engages the use of quality materials with a long time life span, super features. We can can guarantee you of having a long time use of this constructions, without much issues to tackle, and minor maintenance fees.

We provide innovative construction solutions for sustainable progress.

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Fosatrade Integrated Limited is a privately held construction company that specializes in Pre-fab houses, portacabin, fabrication of steel structure and Architectures.The services we provide to our clients ranges from designing, 3D modelling, fabrication and branding.

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